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No skills required! 

Be here 2 hours prior to closing if you're painting, to ensure that you finish. 

It's so relaxing, you forget the time. There are over 200 colors of glaze to choose from

and over 400 assorted mugs, figurines, and beach themed characters

including turtles, sharks and mermaids.


Price range is $6-$90 (Christmas trees - $81-$249).

Handprints and footprints are also available.

Mugs are $25 and small figurines are under $20. 

One of my favorite things about it is how easy it is to clean up - 

it washes off your hands, clothes & table with water.


I love to watch children paint with Grandma!  It's fun for all ages! 

Very kid friendly - you'll treasure the memories you make here! 

It's also a nice idea for a gift to take to your pet sitter or house sitter. 

Bring whatever you want to drink.

The kiln is fired 2-3 times a week to assure your pieces are done to take home before you leave.
You will also find finished pottery here for sale by local artists. 

I am always accepting new artists' work.

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