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Pet Peeves

For many years, I have had a notebook on the counter for customers

to “vent” while I make their cappuccino.


Over 1700 people have added their pet peeve to the collection.

The book was published in May of 2014.


The more you read, the more you’ll laugh. 

You are welcome to write your pet peeve in it as well.


My favorite is  “Is the coffee fresh?"


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


(on the back cover)


"These pages of pet peeves have been written by hundreds of my customers

over the last 8 years as they waited in line for coffee.


Almost every peeve was written by a different person.

They have been published as they were written, complete with many spelling

and grammatical errors left in place, which made it even funnier,

causing more people to add theirs.


We all learn a little something by things that annoy other people including myself,

who is the target at times throughout the book.  God bless them all.

I'm starting a second book, so if you're ever in Holden Beach NC,

drop in to Cappuccino By The Sea and post a pet peeve if you wish to opine.


~  you'll love the coffee and feel right at home.  ~"


                                                                                           Nancy J. Elwell

This coffee table book is available on as well as here in the shop in Holden Beach.

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