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In case you can’t tell, I love my job! 

Every day is a new adventure!

 I can help you get started with your own coffee/gift shop,
and in case you are interested,

Cappuccino By The Sea is currently FOR SALE.

(serious inquiries only, please)

Stop by for a cup if you’re ever in the area.
I moved here for 90 days and have been here 30 years.
It’s a wonderful way of life!

I’m located on the causeway on the right

halfway between the stoplight and the bridge as you’re heading to the beach.
Look for the purple banner flags & windsocks flying in the breeze on the gazebo.
You can't miss it!

I would  enjoy  hearing  from  you!

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Cappuccino  By  The  Sea

3331  Holden  Beach  Road,  SW

Holden  Beach, NC  28462

Tel: 910.842.3661


Current Operating  Hours:


 Monday  thru  Saturday

9am - 5pm



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